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#latepost happy bdayy ya makkk!
Smoga otak nya makin bener mak hahaha

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Ga ga ga kuaaatt HAHAHA with Vivian and Péter – View on Path.

Happy belated birthday meisiii

Ada kecoa lewat #latepost HAHA with Donna, Hilda, Eagel, and Meisi at Churro’K 啾拿棒專賣店 – View on Path.

Why do I feel this year is just so not my year? Everything messed up, everything.
I just want to hate myself for everything. Blame me, kill me for even better maybe.
When I care, they told me I was selfish, I won’t care it’s all my own fault for not telling.
Blame,blame,and blame. – Read on Path.

Kinda troubled with the mood recently :( at 士林 – Preview it on Path.

Let all the negative flow out and let all the positive in.
Young and wild, we still have the courage around us. 天天開心就好了

The happiness of being free away #excusemyface

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at 太魯閣國家公園 Taroko National Park – View on Path.

Currently live at Taiwan

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