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This is for Anon! I hope that you like this one too <3 Let me know what you think about this please <3

Request: Here


Walking onto the small plane, Sunggyu sat by the window as he pulled out his phone, typing a message before take off the manager sat next to him and leaned over to…


This is for Anon! I hope that you like this <3 I always enjoy the different scenarios I write for sure!

Request: Here


Trying to get your mind off things weren’t easy, especially when it was about your boyfriend, Sunggyu. Biting on your nails, you watched the pictures flash before your…

Strolling at Taipei without any directions and ended up at Taipei Exhibition Arts
Actually me and my friend just gonna take a look
But we found that a designer have his exhibition in here

I’m such a photo bomber lol


140415 Incheon Airport Arrival - Sunggyu
©momokorea do not screencap, do not gif, do not reupload.

indeed,he is the greasy nam woohyun


140411 Incheon Airport heading to LA
by made in L

Myungsoo who started nodding his head continuously the moment Sungjong arrived~ (plus Dongwoo touching manager-nim’s butt lol)

because at heart, dongyeol are still cute kids └(▰^ ▽ ^▰)┐

Currently live at Taiwan

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